How much does it cost to connect with a CFP® Exam Tutor?

Pricing is straightforward and there are 4 options:

  1. $110 per hour for 1-4 hours of tutoring
  2. Buy a 5-hour block at $100 per hour
  3. Buy a 10-hour block at $90 per hour
  4. Goups of 2-10 students costs $65/hour per student
* Any unused time will be fully refunded * If you choose to pay by the hour but exceed the 5 or 10-hour price breakpoints, your bill will be adjusted downward as if you purchased a 5 or 10-hour block

Do I have to sign a contract?

No. You just pay for the time spent with your tutor.

Which forms of payment are accepted?

All forms of payment are accepted: Credit card, Paypal, Zelle, etc.